• Rambo Plus Fly Mask – Review

    Last year I bought one of the new fly masks from Horseware Ireland – the Rambo Plus Fly Mask. I have always had problems with fly masks in the past, with problems ranging from quality to fit but one of the biggest problems I have encountered has been with eye clearance.

    This is why I was quite excited to try this one, as it’s revolutionary design meant much greater eye clearance without running the possibility of it being ‘pressed in’ as soon as the horse pushes against something.

    The fly masks are also treated with Vamoose, which is claimed to keep the flies at bay too, but I can't say I really noticed if this worked or not.

    They come with a detachable nose cover to help protect sensitive noses from the sun.

    The picture is of my 2 year old modelling the original pony size (with nose cover removed). As you can see, it appears to fit from the front, but unfortuately, it just can't be tightened up enough around the head and therefore it comes of very easily as soon as she rolls, or rubs on something.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Quality: It seems to be very well made and not too flimsy without compromising on comfort. After several uses, it still looks as good as new (apart from a bit of dirt!), and it appears to be very comfortable (but only my horse could truly answer this!)

    Eye clearance: This is a major advantage of this design. It has a kind of stiff ‘band’ that keeps the material well clear of the eyes and means that it can’t push in either. This works very well and would more than clear even the bulgiest eyes!

    Fit: I bought the pony size for my 2 year old NF x Cob who is by no means a small pony size but unfortunately it was too big for her. The pony size in this would definitely fit something that was more on the pony/cob size border. I have a major gripe with fly mask manufacturers in that they seem to make the pony size more of a cob size. I always have a huge problem trying to buy a ‘true’ pony size mask for my little 12.2hh Welshie. She gets terrible eyes in the summer and because of the Welsh breeding she has quite bulgy eyes. When I do manage to find a small size mask, they usually tend to collapse inward and rub her eyes which is as bad as having flies in them! The manufacturers seem to be missing a huge trick here; do they think that anything under 14.2hh doesn’t need a fly mask?? The fact that the smallest size in this particular mask, wouldn’t fit anything other than a large pony, means that a huge amount of pony owners just won’t be able to take advantage of this new design (including me), which is a real shame. This year, they have come out with a ‘small pony’ size, so off I went to buy it, thinking great, it will fit my Welshie, but alas, it is still way too big! I tried it on my 2 year old and whilst it fits her better around the head, it is too short in the nose, meaning that if you were using it for sun protection it wouldn’t be suitable. So, I would say, that the pony size would actually fit a cob, and the small pony, would fit a large pony!!

    Price: At around £20, this is priced very competitively. There are many inferior fly masks priced much higher.

    Summary: Out of all the fly masks I have ever used (and there have been many), this is by far the best. If the manufacturers could sort out the sizing so that all my ponies could benefit I would be very happy!

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    • 1. Apr 25 2013 10:19AM by sue christy

      Great review and has been a decifding factor on my new purchase - now off to buy one! Many thanks

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